Wotnot- Natural Face Sunscreen SPF 30 + Untinted BB Cream 60g

Wotnot- Natural Face Sunscreen SPF 30 + Untinted BB Cream 60g

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It's simple! To avoid premature skin aging using sunscreen daily is a must (not just on sunny days).

Wotnot natural face sunscreen has been co-created with you, so it's pretty unique!  

Who has time for a 3-step skincare routine every morning?! This sunscreen will work as hard as you to provide high-level SPF30, broad spectrum protection and all the benefits of a serum and BB cream. It's a must-have in your morning routine!

Wear it every day on its own or use it as the perfect base under makeup: our eco-friendly BB cream is sheer and lightweight while helping your skin look younger and healthier for longer.

Suitable for pregnancy, those trying to conceive, breastfeeding, and sensitive skin.  

✔︎ Proven 30 SPF broad spectrum (UVA and UVB) protection

✔︎ TGA approved

✔︎ Healthier than chemical sunscreens and free from toxic nasties

✔︎ Reduces fine lines and wrinkles with COSMOS approved plant collagen

✔︎ Wear it under your makeup - sheer, lightweight, matte

✔︎ Rubs in easily; no dreaded white cast

✔︎ Improves your skin complexion as you wear it

✔︎ Vegan, cruelty-free, reef-friendly