Serious Food - Pea Puff Multi Pack Sea Salt (5 x 15g)

Serious Food - Pea Puff Multi Pack Sea Salt (5 x 15g)

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Tired of dreaming up ideas for your little one's lunchbox? No need to huff & puff! 

Serious Foods Sea Salt Serious Puff Multipack is made up of 10 x 15g mini packs, a perfect size for the lunchbox to keep the kids snacking on healthy, wholegrain goodness.

A classic flavour to make even the most salty-sea-pup would enjoy.

About this brand: Serious Food Co. was launched in July 2015 by  Roger Holmes. Serious Food's inaugural product, Serious Popcorn was a natural start.

Roger has corn in his blood. Raised on a farm that was passed from his great-grandfather down through three generations, Roger spent his childhood helping harvest corn. With an entrepreneurial spirit, an eye for design and a passion for organic food, Roger’s idea for a contemporary take on corn was born.

Ingredients: Pea flour*,  corn*, coconut oil*, sea salt.
*Certified Organic