Ceres Organics - Chickpea Crisps Himalayan Salt 100g

Ceres Organics - Chickpea Crisps Himalayan Salt 100g

Expiry date: 2024/04/08
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“My, my these crisps are swell” noted Harry at the party.
“I brought them! I brought them!” Meghan cried.

Like Meghan, our Chickpea Crisps may bring out the proud provider of snacks in you...
These light and crunchy crisps have it all. Added nutrition of chickpeas. Dusting of the
finest Himalayan salt. Certified organic and making the world a better place.

All ingredients are grown, harvested and baked without the use of any artificial inputs, ready for you to devour. Like all our products, they work to protect the health of our earths soil and ecosystems by working in harmony with nature - the original proud provider of these snacks.


Jasmine Brown Rice*, Chickpea* 24.6%, Sunflower Oil*, Himalayan Salt 0.9%, Natural Sea Salt (*Certified Organic).