Honest to Goodness - Celtic Sea Salt Course 600g

Honest to Goodness - Celtic Sea Salt Course 600g

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Honest to Goodness coarse Celtic salt offers flavours ideal for traditional family cooking. Its lightly sea-kissed flavour and singular texture makes it perfect for salting stocks, cooking vegetables, salting pasta water, barbequed/meat rubs and fish cooked with a salt crust. Professional chefs favour it for finishing meals and presentation. A light sprinkle on meats, salads, vegetables, popcorn and caramel will provide an excellent flavour and crunch.

Celtic Sea Salt has the ideal texture to use when making flavoured salts. Combine it with dried herbs, citrus zests, and spices to create rubs, seasonings and flavoured salts. Store it in an airtight container.

The moist crystals of Celtic Sea Salt evenly distribute throughout dough when kneaded, to create a flakier texture. It works well in pizza dough, bread dough and pastry.

Celtic Sea salt adds depth and richness to soups and sauces. Stir it into stocks, broths, soups, curries, relishes and sauces.

The high-mineral Celtic Sea Salt coarse crystals can also be used to make an exfoliating body scrub. Pair the course salt with our Organic Virgin Coconut oil to create a revitalising exfoliating treatment. Remember, the skin is our largest organ, so it is important to treat it with care too!

Celtic Sea Salt - Fine vs Coarse
Are you wondering which one to use? Celtic Sea Salt texture can either be a fine grind or a coarse grind. The choice between fine and coarse Celtic sea salt depends on the specific culinary application and the texture you desire in your dishes.

Celtic Sea Salt - FINE
This salt has a finer texture as the name would suggest, and the crystals are smaller and more uniform. Due to its fine texture, it dissolves more quickly and evenly, making it ideal for times when you want the salt to blend seamlessly into your food or liquid, such as in baking, sauces, and dressings.

Celtic Sea Salt - COARSE
This salt has larger, irregularly shaped crystals. These crystals can vary in size and are more noticeable in dishes. This salt is ideal for applications where you want a bit of texture and a satisfying crunch, such as finishing a dish or adding texture to the surface of meats or vegetables.

Whichever one you choose...enjoy!