Healthy Bake -  Spelt Pizza Base 2pk 560g [Certified Organic]

Healthy Bake - Spelt Pizza Base 2pk 560g [Certified Organic]

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Pizzas – we take them for granted, but if you have a wheat sensitivity you have probably been excluded from the joys of eating this simple, tasty, quick to prepare food.

Our Organic Spelt Pizza Base is a 2 unit pack. This product will freeze well.

Most people with a wheat intolerance can successfully eat and enjoy our spelt products. Even if you don’t have a wheat intolerance the superior taste of our pizza bases is reason alone to try them. Combine this with the nutritional advantages of spelt, the benefits of organically grown produce and the easily digestible nature of the product it’s sometimes easy to forget that its also “healthy”.


Certified Organic Spelt Flour, Filtered Water, Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Sourdough Culture (Contains Acidophilus & Bifidus).