Beauty Food - Collagen Coffee (14 sachets)

Beauty Food - Collagen Coffee (14 sachets)

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Stress affects your skin as much as your health. Our collagen protein coffee is formulated with Siberian Ginseng, traditionally used to better cope with stress. 

Coffee, the perfect morning ritual and our daily moment of bliss. But, many people add too much dairy and sugar to their coffee which can spike insulin, trigger acne and change your hormone levels. That’s why we created Beauty Lift.

Our unique formula includes:

  • Buttermilk, which has the vitamins and minerals of milk without spiking your insulin
  • Siberian Ginseng, traditionally used to increase energy and better cope with stress
  • 2,500mg of collagen to make supplementation an effortless part of your daily routine
  • Very low sugar and lightly sweetened with monk fruit (not too sweet!)