We believe that good food can change your life.

Rita’s Farm is a smally family farm with big food dreams delivering fresh produce from across NSW & ACT and now shipping affordable organic groceries nationwide.

How It Works

Rita’s Farm Market is a collection of our favourite healthy and organic staples available to ship nationwide. We believe that good food can change your life and we want to make that affordable and accessible to Australian families. 

Organics first

As organic growers, it is our top priority to source organic products that are pesticide and chemical free. It’s why we choose to farm organically and why we make the choice to eat and buy & supply organically too.

Affordable with no hidden prices

Competitive pricing on organic groceries, no need for another monthly membership to access clean food.

Free Delivery over $150

Free Australia wide shipping with orders over $150.

Why Shop With Us

We’re sick of supermarkets and dodgy vegetable practices. We want to bring food straight to your table from the farmers, producers and makers.


We fight to put our customers first and aim to give the best value to you (the customers) and to the makers & producer. Organics doesn’t have to mean expensive and we want to make it accessible to all Aussies families.

Live & Work at our Best

We know what hard work and good food is and that in order to fuel your life you need to fuel your body. We want to make sure our family and yours are fuelling your body with the best Australian organic producers and makers have to offer.

The most convenient

Convenience isn’t just about 10-minute delivery or skipping queues. It's about having a simple way to get fresh good food from the producers to you.