How did the farm start ?

The farm started 15 years ago when Rita worked for local councils as a Chinese Interpreter for Chinese market gardeners in South West Sydney, teaching Chinese growers how to spray properly.

They taught her how to farm and she wondered if you could grow great veg without chemicals. They told her it was impossible and she decided to try it anyway.

We started with just 1⁄4 an acre and gradually became the farm we are today. On our first day at the markets, we made $50 and George (Rita’s Husband) said that it would be better to have worked for McDonalds...

She persisted and eventually Rita became more successful than George and he retired from being a tractor mechanic and joined Rita at the farm and the rest is history. We have always been focused on growing real food as medicine, ensuring that is free from chemicals and focused on nourishing you and nourishing the soil.

Rita’s medical background from Rural China means that a lot of the herbs and vegetables we grow are unique and focused on improving your health and lifestyle.